by WolfWaker

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released June 2, 2015

All songs written, tracked/mixed/mastered, and produced by Scott Bixby and Mickey Dixon of Wolfwaker, San Diego, CA.

Thank you to everyone who has supported us by picking up a copy and spreading the WW vibe. We love you all and appreciate everything you do for us!



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WolfWaker San Diego, California

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Track Name: The Age of Empires
Won’t make it out alive

Its time to release all the demons between us
no other way to cope, no other way to begin
this place is a temporary escape that collides within
its our nature to overthrow

Take me to the center of the Earth
where we can reinvent my body with another killing word
take me to the center of it all
where we can retrace the steps of everything unknown

Don’t even pretend like you know what my name is
I just can’t let go
I just want to be invincible
Forsaken a man who’s throne remains nameless
don’t lose control

Take me to the center of the Earth
open up your mind and all thoughts reverse
take me to the center of it all
open up the skies and expose the world

open up your mind
take my hand and lets expose the world
Track Name: Adapt
Face, the trials of time
see between the lines and follow the night
shine like the star in your eyes, the true will follow you
explore the wilderness with careful depth
feel the air with every gasping breath and come with me

we chase the morning sun
we are the only ones who seek refuge in search of love

I promise I'm not giving up
(i need you by my side)
you’ll be the first to run and hide

no spirits left to hold you
but i still catch them in my dreams
allowing the light to guide you
my sanctity will glow forever

face me
tell me all the things you think you're changing
cause i still feel the hunger
adapt to what you think you know is real

we are the fearless, the young and proud
sharpen your teeth so we can cut you out
I'll hunt you down even if you’re flesh and blood

we will survive
tonight, we bring new life

there’s passion in your comfort
i never wanted to see
there’s beauty on the inside
can you show me
Track Name: Black to Blue
The slow smooth burning desires
of a child who simply relies
on the costumes we only take off at night
(i think i know who you are)
a destructive scandalous mess
you can only love in the dark

So tell me all your secrets
even though i never hear them
maybe I'm the one to blame
turning black to blue when you tell me that you need it
even though it never mattered
maybe I'm the one to blame
turning black to blue

Throw away the sickness
crucify the witness
burn all the bridges I no longer care
slipping in and out of my shadow
I never know who you are until you take off that mask
uncover your eyes and you'll see
the hopeless disease that buried all your love

I think i know who you are
destructive scandalous mess
a worthless broken heart

So tell me all your secrets
even though i never hear them
maybe I'm the one to blame
turning black to blue when you tell me that you need it
even though it never mattered
maybe I'm the one to blame
turning black to blue
Track Name: Hang Time
She said she knew how to float on top of the air
but this gravity has got a hold on me
whatever made you feel like you might be a little scared
open up your arms (wide)

It only took one short leap to feel alive
the distance between the ground and my feet is a metaphor of how far I’ve come
(gather your things now)
you’re never coming back
(you’ll never come down now)
Hang time is the only thing you know

Its taken years right off of my life
to put away the pieces of everything I’ve left behind
dark clouds are all that i can see
if you want to land you have to believe

Watch yourself break free

This wind has taken me further and further away
instead of feeling closer to home
its pushed me away towards what I’ve become
This view is beautiful from above just don’t look down
you’ll realize the feeling is never enough
so carry the weight on your own

Watch yourself break free
and if you believe, watch yourself break free
Track Name: Lost Transmission
I know its been awhile now
but i always knew that i would find a way
its never easy when you’re letting go
and i need something to keep my sanity

the cupboards are empty
fatal collapse of the womb
but I will break through

never fade away
(memories have never felt so haunted)
a brand new day
(swear to me I'll never hurt this way again)
a signal sealed the fire in you
never fade away

I feel temperature it's rising quick
I’ll take the shot and make you drown in it
with our sights on the horizon

can you hear the sound explode and renew my conscience
(I'm barely breathing)
can you hear the sound of hope
can you feel it in your bones

It sealed the fire in you